We aim to advocate for systemic change through policy and legislation regarding menstrual equity. Reaching out to state representatives, canvassing, and lobbying are all important in making period poverty a mainstream issue and one that our legislators will prioritize. You have the opportunity to advocate for legislative change in your respective state by meeting with state representatives, testifying on these issues, and making your voices heard! Read below to learn more about how you can get more involved in policy change and set up meetings with your state reps!

Advocacy 101

Period Action Day

Period Action Day (PAD) is every second Saturday of October!

Policy Change

Work with your state legislators to eliminate the discriminatory tampon tax and make products available in schools, shelters, and prisons.

Does your state legislature support menstrual equity? Find out below!

5 Steps to Meet with your legislator

Products in School

5 Steps to getting menstrual products in your school restrooms

Advocacy Events

We have more resources coming soon to help you with your policy and advocacy efforts!


Organizing For Justice Training Event Recap

The PERIOD Organizing for Justice Training Sessions led by the Midwest Academy where a series of training focused on utilizing grassroots strategies to demand justice in our communities

Thank you to everyone who participated!